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The Vibrant Mission

The Vibrant Health Coach
Optimal health is different for each of us, and what is one person’s optimum may be the next person’s least optimal state. I believe we all have the ability to move toward a more vibrant version of ourselves.

My mission is to encourage, support and empower people to take charge of their health, live vibrantly, and reach their fullest health potential.
The Vibrant Health Coach
The Vibrant Health CoachThe Vibrant Health Coach

My secret sauce

My practice as a health coach is cultivated from years of experience in various modalities. My BSc Honours degree in homeopathic medicine is complimented by certifications with the Yoga Alliance, and the Primal Health Coach Institute, dashed with a spot of conventional medical wisdom grounded in paramedicine, a huge interest in outdoor adventures, and a whole lot of love. When this is married to a background as a restauranteur, it makes for the sweetest healing sauce.

I am a homeopath

When studying for my BSc Hons. degree in Homeopathic Medicine, in the UK, the underlying principals of homeopathy resonated with me even more than learning about the materia medica itself. As well as promoting healthy living, the principals of homeopathy embrace the functional mechanics of the body and its interaction with the environment and with disease. This approach to health has influenced my understanding of the inner workings of the body and how I coach my clients to make healthy and conscious lifestyle choices.

I am a health coach

Using the whole health principal gathered from the Primal Health Coach Institute, with whom I am certified, I help people reach their health goals. Using skills emerged from a range of modalities I assist in goal setting, and provide support while empowering clients to make sustainable change on their journey to optimal health.

I teach yoga

I have practiced yoga for almost two decades and have been encouraging yoga in my clients’ healing journey, where appropriate, for some years. I’m thrilled to announce that I am now studying yoga therapy with world renown teacher, Susi Hately, and I am now integrating this approach into my practice.

I successfully owned and operated 2 speciality restaurants

I’m from a family of foodies, and my mum’s priority to was to put delicious well balanced meals on the table. Sweets and sugar were restricted in our household, and I was sent to school with my daily apple! Needless to say, food became a part of my identity, although it would be years before nutrition entered my career. I ran restaurants for 15 years, working with Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine. Culinary skills, learned in those early days, have followed me into my healing programs.

I have a Strong sense of adventure

I love bike packing and after turning fifty I rigged up my bike with makeshift touring gear and set off on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling over 4,200 km from Banff, Canada, through the Rocky Mountains to the Mexican border. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route takes riders along logging roads, limited single track, and sections of highway. Sometimes I didn’t see another soul for days, other times I happily cycled with other adventurers. I believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to chase their dreams.

Innate desire to help others

During early childhood, I opened a book stall outside my house to raise money for “mentally handicapped children”. My dad told me off because I wrote “sport” instead of support mentally handicapped children, on the paper which decorated the collection box!

In junior school, in England, I helped raise funds for the Pat Seed Appeal Fund. Pat Seed had cancer and back in those days CT scanners where rare. She wanted to raise a million pounds to buy a CAT scanner to help others detect cancer for early treatment. Our headmaster in his attempt to help us visualize a million pounds, told us, if pound notes had legs and walked in threes down this road, it would take several days for them all to pass our school.

I worked for 10 years in conventional medicine

Working as a paramedic has helped me understand the demands and needs of those who feel committed to the conventional medical system. I am able to communicate on various levels and support people in their medical choices, whilst empowering them to take charge of their healing journey.

Fun facts about me

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