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The Vibrant Health Coach 

Health Coaching supports modern medicine, and empowers people to participate in their own healthcare. 
The Vibrant Health Coach

Health Coaching 

I help my clients create self-awareness enabling
them to recognize patterns and obstacles that
may have obstructed success in the past.

Uncovering your ‘why’, provides an opportunity to
connect deep motivation with action and
sustainable change.

When we work together, my commitment to
you is to:

Support you in your health choices and
Encourage you to set goals, and make positive changes
Empower you to take charge of your healing journey
I was ready to tackle some 'healthy eating' improvements but have never really understood how to properly figure out the nutritional requirements of a well balanced diet. I'd been stuck on this aspect for a while. With Cheryl's detox week I felt like a whole pile of planning was done for me and I was just able to show up, follow it, and move forward as I hoped for. It was a great decision. Following it was easy, I gained confidence and awareness, even lost weight, and made eating changes I still follow. Months later, when I want to get 'back on track', I still refer to her helpful notes and delicious recipes! 
Lesley G. 
Fernie, BC
Health Coaching
Health Coaching

12 Week Vibrant Body Transformation 

Be Empowered 

to take charge of your health.

Uncover your health goals

and set achievable milestones on a journey of self-discovery.

Vibrant Free Joyful

is how you will feel when you commit to making positive changes.

Step by step guidance 

helping you make primal lifestyle changes. Committing to these new habits promotes success in reaching your fullest health potential.

Weekly checkins

to review the process, address any challenges, and celebrate successes; to help maintain focus on your goals whilst remaining accountable.
The Vibrant Health Coach

Why This Program? 

In our one on one coaching sessions together, I guide you through the steps of building primal lifestyle habits in a modern setting. The accompanying educational pieces outline how harsh environmental circumstances over two and a half million years of human evolution created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity.

The Vibrant Transformation 

Primal Instincts

Ten thousand years ago farming practices accelerated human civilization, gradually shifting us away from our primal instincts. During the last century conveniences associated with modern living has promoted little interest in moving regularly throughout the day. 
Health Coaching

Circadian Rhythms

Artificial lighting impacts our primal sense of time, and most of us are are no longer connected with our circadian rhythms, that are dominated by sunlight. This dramatically affects our sleep in which many health conditions are rooted. The food we eat is often chemically based and high in sugars, salts and preservatives, and we often avoid creating fresh wholesome meals that make our body thrive. We have been conditioned to eat inflammatory foods that make us sick, all the while believing we are doing the right thing. 

Vitality & Longevity

Today vitality and longevity is threatened by obesity and chronic disease including heart disease, diabetes and various cancers.

Stressful habits and busy lifestyles leave us depleted, and with little time for play or self care, or even enough sleep. It is no surprise therefore, that so many of us suffer from health problems, or weight conditions 

Vitality & Longevity

The 12 week Vibrant Body Transformation one on one coaching course encourages you to tap into those primal instincts, and helps you embrace changes that will bring about Vibrant Health, Strength and Joy. By living in accordance with our genes, and aligning with our body’s needs, we have the opportunity to master optimal gene expression and live long and healthy lives. 

Coaching Sessions

Within the coaching sessions, I introduce new habits around nutrition. You will learn how to train your body to burn fuel efficiently, and manage hunger. We take a look at lifestyle habits, including sleep, stress, and how much attention you are paying to self-care, including, socializing and play, time outside, and exercising the brain. We also look at primal fitness which may pleasantly surprise you if you think intense exercise on a daily basis is essential. 

The Investment

I am committed to your success, and the process starts with our free, no obligation discovery call. This is where we review your readiness to commit as well as deciding if we are a great fit together for the journey. You receive one on one coaching for three months, and I support you throughout the process through our weekly check-ins and educational materials, as well as being available to answer pressing questions in between check-ins if needed.

$890 CAD 

The Vibrant Health Coach
Vibrant Health Coaching

I’m here for you 

In this program I assist you through a journey of self-discovery, uncovering your health goals and helping you to set
achievable milestones.

Throughout the program, I provide step-by-step guidance and support you through primal lifestyle changes.
Committing to these new habits promotes success in reaching your fullest health potential.

Our weekly check-ins, help keep you on track and accountable. Here we review the process, what went well, and address any upcoming challenges, or other roadblocks.
Sharon Switzer
"Recently I joined Cheryl’s Vibrancy Matters 5 Day Detox, she encouraged me to try the detox to increase my energy and release built up toxins from my body. I followed the guidelines that Cheryl created and was pleasantly surprised to feel a real increase in my energy and vitality. It wasn’t hard, and Cheryl was right there cheering us all on to success. Cheryl believes small changes in your diet and life style can make a very significant improvement in overall health. I believe she is right."
Sharon Switzer Portage La Praire, Mb

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