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Is alcohol allowed on a no sugar diet?

Technically speaking, alcohol is allowed in a no sugar diet. However, there is a caveat and that is related to the Oxidative Priority Chain. Enjoy this quick read, and understand the basics.

I often get asked if alcohol is allowed in a no sugar diet

Technically speaking yes it is allowed. In most wines and beers, sugar is naturally derived from fruits and grains. However, I don’t suggest taking alcohol during a no sugar challenge. Alcohol does affect overall health and this is your time for self care.

Here are two things to know about alcohol

1. Alcohol products often come with added sugar

  • Most flavoured alcoholic beverages such as alcopops, contain added sugar, as do some ciders and flavoured beers.
  • Adding a mixer to your spirit will most likely mean adding sugar! Remember to check the labels for sugars or chemical sweeteners.

2. Alcohol burns before fat

  • The body has no capacity to store alcohol and it is the first fuel type that your body metabolises. The body has an almost limitless capacity to store fat, which is the last fuel to burn.
  • Consequently if you consume alcohol, it will take longer for your body fat to burn, than if you don’t consume alcohol. Moreover, the body has limited capacity to store glucose and carbohydrates, so excess carbohydrates are converted into fat for long term storage.
  • The order in which the body burns fuel, and its affect on metabolism, is called the Oxidative Priority Chain.

In summary consumed alcohol is prioritised as fuel for the body, resulting in a delay in burning glucose. The body stores a small amount of glucose in the liver and muscle cells, and the remaining is converted into body fat. Pre-existing body fat is the last to be metabolised.

I hope that clears up any confusion about alcohol consumption, and assists with your decision making.

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